Lets go Riding!

Lets go Riding!

Mountain, Street, Fat Tire, Low Rider Models

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Computer Repair, PC or Mac

Computer Repair, PC or Mac

Since 1992- over 250K units Serviced

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Custom PCs and Macs

Custom PCs and Macs

Cheap to Expensive Gaming PCs

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E-Waste Recycling Center

E-Waste Recycling Center

Serving Orange County CA Communities

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Compuboost (CBoost) was founded in 1992 as a computer service and sales store. Since then we have serviced over 250,000 pcs in the southern Orange County area. Services include general computer service, data recovery and virus removal.

Compuboost services all brands of computers, popular major brands like Dell, HP, and Apple, and lesser known names as well, like Asus, Samsung and Sony. Since our founding, we now also provide other services

List of CBoost Services:

Cboost Computer Service

Cboost Virus and Malware Removal

What is a virus versus Malware?.

Virus in the computer world are programs or codes that a malicious user tries to load (hack) onto a victims computer. Malware is a more recent development. It is perfectly running code, that has been changed to do something unexpected or undesired by the victim. For example, a famous old virus was the ILoveYou virus, which when activated, began overwriting the victims files, one by one.

As antivirus became prevalent, and simple virus no longer could penetrate computers (because there code is know, since they are actual programs), hackers had to evolve. The hackers changed too, whereas originally there were many smart, but amateur people doing the hacking. professionals soon took over.

Removing Malware

Removing Malware is difficult. Since it is written by professionals, and not high school hackers anymore, they usually have several entry points, many backup attacks, and are extremely well disguised

Just running tools by anti virus and malware writers are usually not enough. We use manual intervention, looking for things or items slightly out of place, to ferret out malware and their hidden triggers. These items may be on the desktop, in user files, hidden system files, even oddities like slight color difference or names. Many malware looks and acts just like the real thing (for example Chromium versus Chrome) so it takes an experienced eye to find them all.

Windows or OS Installation

Compuboost provides Operating System install, either Mac OS or Windows. Windows installation is typically through DVD or USB flash. Todays motherboard use two types of installation. The first is called legacy, and all operating system data is on the drive. The second is called UEFI. This difference is important as the OS serial number (Product code in Windows) is actually embedded in the motherboard itself. This is so that is Windows is reloaded, there is no need to type the Product code, it comes from the motherboard itself. Starting with Windows 8, then Windows 10, this is the prevalent case today.

Operating system installation service include loading all drivers. We can also assist in moving over Email and programs, and setting up desktop.

Files transfer to New computer service

We provide file transfer computer service from older machine to new, or to backup data

Tuneup PC or Mac

If your computer is running slow, has pop-ups, slow internet and a host of similar problems, we will clean up system, optimize the hard drive, update all the drivers, update OS to latest revision, delete cache and temp files, and uninstall unnecessary startup programs. Typical time to complete is 5 hrs.

Typical Tuneups take several hours, as many as six.

Cboost Data Recovery Service

We offer data recovery services locally for all but the most damaged systems. There is no fee if the data cannot be recovered. For Level 5 , because we have to send out the drive, we do have to charge a small shipping fee.

Level 1 Files not readable: We can recover files with the following symptoms.

  • Hard drive has been accidentally formatted.
  • Files accidentally erased.

Level 2 Hard drive . File corruption without physical damage. This is common in Windows update, accidentally shutting off system while hard drive is running

Level 3 Hard drive Intermittant Drive. Beginnings of hard drive failure.

Level 4 Hard Drive Definite physical failure, like bad blocks.

Level 5 Hard Drive: No power up, clicking heads or other drastic failure that requires clean room disassembly of drive to repair.

Cboost New PC and Laptops

We build custom computers. These include POS (point of sales), data entry pcs and tablets, and specialized computers for machine control (for 3D printing, CNC machines, medical equipment), Bitcoin Mining. We can supply any needed component, interface and help with physical installation and setup of your custom computer. We do both low end (inexpensive) as well as the highest end gaming and workstations

  • Simple POS system Optimized for size, durability, low maintenance
  • Data Entry PCs and Tablets: Optimized for price
  • Machine control/Kiosk PC: Optimized for size, compatibility, durability.
  • Virtual Currency, eg Bitcoin Mining PC: Optimized single purpose machine
  • Gaming PC: Optimized for gaming applications
  • Workstations: Optimized for Engineering and Design Applications
  • Small File Servers: Optimized for Cost and Durability
  • Large Data Center Servers: Optimized for Speed and Performance

Custom Gaming Computers

We build custom gaming PC in Aliso Viejo. These include custom super powerful gaming PC with Intel Core i9, NVidia GTX, RTX, Quadro and AMD Ryzen processors and video. We carry a full line of compact and Full Tower gaming chassis, with power supplies that vary from 500W upto 1500W to power multiple video cards and CPUs

  • Nvidia GTX, RTX and Quadro Cards
  • Intel Multicore CPU i7, i9, Xeon Processors
  • DDR4 and DDR5 RAM
  • SSD Drives, Msata and regular to 2TB
  • Rotational (normal drives) to 8TB each spindle
  • Soundblaster Card
  • 4K and 8K gaming monitors (fast refresh)
  • Water Cooling
  • Overclocking Motherboards: ASUS, MSI GIGABYTE, Intel
  • DVD players
  • Gaming Keyboard and Mice
  • VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets

Gaming Notebook

We carry the MSI line of gaming notebooks. Even in a portable notebook format, MSI has multi video card configurations that make the mobile gaming PC almast as fast as the fastest Desktop, but with carry around convenience.

Gaming laptops and notebooks have becoming popular recently. Aside from only the most strenuous game, notebooks have evolved where they can almost match desktops. In reality, they are portable desktops, because they draw so much power, both by the graphics card, CPU and video that battery life is generally poor. However, gaming laptops are portable, so a person can carry his gaming platform everywhere he goes and enjoy his game.

Custom Computer Workstations

Another custom area of PC we provide is custom workstations. Most are based on the Nvidia Quadro Video card, for applications like Engineering, using Solid Works, Auto Cad, Sketch up and other design tools. Also graphics and video design, using the latest software from Adobe, AAvid and others.

The requirements for workstations is different from gaming machines, although both are fast and sometimes one can be used in place of the other. But an engineering or graphics workstation is optimized to run engineering or design software, not games, so although the base hardware is the same, the algorithm or software to run the cards are different. Accuracy is different too.

Gaming cards emphasize real-time graphics, in displaying virtual worlds and fast respond to shooting games, explosions, movement etc. Design software, however, emphasize accuracy and speed in rendering, redraw and regeneration of changes. An inaccurate rendering of a blade of grass in a game is insignificant. In inaccurate rendering of a bolt in a building, however, may lead to disaster, so the workstation level graphics is a whole different requirement.

Other Special Custom Computer

Another popular application is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining, using both generalized hardware as well as specially prepared hardware.

Custom Computer Servers

We also build Servers, both standard tower as well as rack mount servers. Our servers are more cost effective than those from Dell and HP or Lenovo, because we supply only what you specify, and do not force you to take costly additional features in addition to your specification.Paragraph

We make simple servers, optimized for price and simplicity. But also more complex servers, both stand alone and rack mount for data centers, larger servers and small and medium businesses.

Cboost Electronic Recycling

Cboost helps the community by collecting Electronic waste of all types. This includes Computers, Printers, Stereos, Phones, Small appliances, Powered toys, TVs, power tools, wires, circuit boards, almost anything battery or electrically powered.

However, Cboost does not take household batteries (A, AA, AAA, C, D, watch) or fluorescent tubes or large appliances.

Cboost Electric Bikes

Cboost is proud to introduce a premium line of electric bikes. They all fold, have the highest performance and quality in its class.

M003: 26″ Full size Folding Electric Mountain Bike with full suspension

M007: 26″ Fat Tire Folding Electric All Terrain Bike “Super Duty”

M005: 26″ Z Frame Folding Electric Street/Road Bike

F008: 20″ Z frame Folding Electric Compact Bike “Low Rider”

Cboost Service Area: Orange County

Compuboost provides service for South Orange County, and the cities of:

  • Aliso Viejo
  • Coto de Caza
  • Dana Point
  • Foothill Ranch
  • Irvine
  • Laguna Beach
  • Laguna Niguel
  • Laguna Woods
  • Lake Forest
  • Rancho Santa Margarita
  • Mission Viejo
  • San Clemente
  • San Juan Capistrano

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