All Compuboost Ebikes fold. They are designed from the ground up to be premium, folding electric bikes.

Compuboost folding design starts with the frame. Made of aircraft grade aluminum 6061 alloy, and skillfully welded from large cross-section rectangle tubing and solid billets, it is the core of the folding design. Add to that the pedals and handle bars fold, for a compact design.

Our ebikes also folds slim. Sometimes it is more convenient to just fold the handlebars and pedals, and roll bike into hallway without blocking. Compuboost ebikes allows you to do this.

Folds compactly to size of baby stroller.  Folds and unfolds in seconds. Ride away immediately with no adjustment or setup. Can be carried on cars, buses, trains, boats, even checked in on airplanes.

  • Great for commuters: Ride out of house to subway/bus/train. Fold and carry onboard. Then unfold for final leg to journey to office.
  • Great 2nd transportation. Carry folded RV or boat, then unfold at destination and ride away for errands and such.
  • Great for college and university. Prevent theft and vandalism by storing in dorm or lab.

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