Apple Repair Service

Apple Repair Service for Out of Warranty Macs

We are expert out of warranty Apple Mac repair service facility. If the Apple Mac is in warranty, go to Apple. But out of warranty, we can usually fix it faster and cheaper.

No Appointment is Necessary!

We can

  • upgrade your Mac, with more Ram and Hard drive
  • update the OS to the latest
  • remove malware  and viral attacks
  • fix water spill on laptops
  • fix damage due to drops
  • data recovery
  • fix overheating of Macbooks and IMacs

All work is guaranteed, and written estimates are made before proceeding.

Apple Repair Service Areas

Our primary repair service area is South Orange County.

Apple Repair Service- Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air

Mac Repair Service – iMac, Mac Pro, mac mini

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