Apple Repair Laguna Niguel

Apple Repair Laguna Niguel ( Apple service Laguna Niguel )

We repair Apple Desktops, Laptops and iphones and ipads. For laptops, common repairs on the hardware side is water spills and drops. We fix broken jacks and frayed cables on chargers. For imacs we repair overheating problems which are usually shutdowns, lockups and pixelation on the graphics board. We also repair power supply problems.

On the software side, common problems are OS updates, safari corruption and malware attacks. Hard drive corruption is also common, and we do perform data recovery.

Apple Repair Laguna Niguel – Upgrades and vintage Macs, too

We also do upgrades, replacing hard drives to SSD for faster speed, or larger drives to increase capacity. We also commonly add more RAM, and update te OS to more currently running. We can repair vintage Apples as well. For Phones and tablets, we only replace screens. For Warranty work, go to Apple. But for non warranty work, we charge significantly less and are faster too. Free Written estimates, and fast local technicians.

Apple repair Laguna Niguel

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