Compuboost Electric bikes are designed from the ground up to be Electric Bikes. All parts are selected specifically for E-bikes, so the final product is a smooth and integrated feel-not like a regular bike where somehow just slapped a motor and battery to it.

Compuboost Electric bikes are designed and built for the American Rider. Powerful, instant responding motors, with long range. High weight capacity to carry big and tall riders. Comfortable suspension system and seats. Quality materials and Excellent worksmanship, built for daily use. Finally a long warranty, 2yrs or 12,000 mi on the power train, to insure good value for the product.

All Compuboost Electric bikes fold to about the size of a baby stroller. Folding and unfolding takes only seconds, without adjustment after unfolding. Years of experience riding older style Electric bikes have shown that the folding feature is very handy. Electric bikes are too large to carry with standard strap-on carriers. A pickup truck or cradle style hitch type carrier is needed. A hitch type carrier is often a hassle because it adds 3-4 ft to the length of the car or SUV, and makes many vehicles too long to fit in the garage, so it normally it has to be assembled to carry the E-bike.

Sooner or later every rider will need a ride (because of a flat, run out of power, too tired, etc). Folding the bike allows almost any car to carry the bike. Folding also allows compact storage. Even partially folded (handlebar sideways and foot pedals down) allows storage in a hallway without blocking it. Folding allows carrying the bike on buses, trains, even check-in on airplanes (like a wheelchair)F

  • Folding Frame, Handlebars, Pedals— Easy to store and carry
  • Powerful Motors-Integrated Hub Motor flattens any hills
  • High Torque Design– Power applied directly to Rear Wheel with No losses
  • Long Range– Huge battery provides long range
  • Comfort: Front suspension all models, Leather Seats
  • Throttle Control, in addition to Pedal Assist–Twist to boost power
  • High Weight Capacity– Strong Cantilever Design, to 440 lbs
  • Quality Materials: Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Solid Machined Billets
  • Expert Craftsmanship–Full length weldsEasy to control: Mid battery location best center of gravity position
  • Reliable: All alloy construction to reduce corrosion
  • Low maintenance design and parts: Suitable for daily use (commuter or school and university)
  • Beauty: Automobile type paint with clearcoat in choice of colors
  • Best warranty: Odometer base, upto 12,000 miles for the power train

The Compuboost Advantage: Its the Folding Frame

Foldable and Transportable

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E-Bike Performance Comparison Table

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