All performance numbers assume pedaling at easy cadence

Street /Road
Low Rider
Drive System 48V 48V 48V 36V
Motor (Continuous Duty) 500W 350W 500W 250W
Lithium Battery 14AH 14AH 14AH 10AH
Hill climbing (5% grade) Boost level 3* 17mph14mph 16mph12mph
Max speed flat road,
Boost level 5*
30+ mph28 mph 30+ mph22 mph
Endurance Boost level 3*2 hrs 2+ hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs
Range 30mi-40mi40mi-60mi30mi- 40mi25mi-30mi
Recharge Time half/full 3.5/7 hrs3.5/7 hrs 3.5/7 hrs 2.5/5 hrs
Bike Weight 53 lbs 51 lbs 63  lbs 48 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs330 lbs 440 lbs 250 lbs

*Boost level 1-5 corresponds to 1=20%, 2=40%, 3=60%, 4=80%, 5=100% of full power, selectable by onboard computer

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