Compuboost has an E-bike, for whatever your purpose.

The hard tail models, M005 and F008, called “Z E-bike” for the shape of their frames, are great for general riding on paved or unpaved roads. They take standard rear luggage racks, allowing them to be perfect bikes for school, university or commute. The M005 also has standard a USB cell phone holder, powered by the mains battery, so you can use and charge your phone while riding. The USB cell phone holder is optional on our other models. Both models utilize low maintenace Mag wheels that never need adjustment or trueing, and rust free.

The M005 is optimized for long distance, providing an 40-60 miles range on one charge, with pedaling at an easy cadence. The F008, Low Rider, our most inexpensive model, was designed for the younger, older or gentler rider. With a lower straddle height, and more upright riding position, it is easier to ride and handle. Yet it still has plenty of range and power, and is perfect for school (ages 12 on up), college or commute, or a town run-about.

The full suspension models, M003 and M007, are ready for anything, on or off road. The M003 is optimized for hill climbing power, and has the best power to weight ratio, providing amazing “kick” at the rear wheel with a twist of the throttle. The M007 Super Duty is one of the biggest, baddest, most powerful E-Bikes available. With a huge wheelbase, intimidating 4″ Fat tires on massive Mag wheels, it can go anywhere, do anything E-bike, from sand beaches all the way to snow slopes. Able to carry 440 lbs, with options like a towable trailer, and saddle to hold extra batteries, it is perfect for work or play.

Purpose M003
Street / Road
Low Rider
School Good Good Good Best
College Good Best Good Good
Town Runabout Good Best Good Best
Commute Good Best Good Good
Mountain Trail Best   Best  
Sand     Best  
Snow     Best  
Police Patrol/ Park Ranger Good   Best  

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