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Compuboost specializes in after warranty Apple Service and Mac repairs. That is, after the warranty period, or for out of warranty damage like spills or drops.

Compuboost was founded in 1992 as a computer service and sales store. Since then we have serviced over 250,000 pcs in the southern Orange County area. Services include general computer service, data recovery and virus removal.

Compuboost specializes in after warranty Apple products like Mac, iMac and Macbooks. We also service Apple cell phones, tablets and desktop computers like PowerMacs and Mac TV. If your iMac, Macbook, iPhone or iPad is under warranty, it is best to go to the Apple store and get it fixed.

However, Apple customers know that after warranty (or for non-warranty repairs like water damage, spill or drop/ breakage) Apple charges a huge amount to repair. We can generally repair at half the cost Apple will charge.
All mac repair and Apple service is guaranteed. We will give an estimate before any work, so you know what charges are involved before we do the work. We will return parts if desired.

Internet Special: Free Diagnosis

We have an internet special for free diagnosis. Normal diagnosis charges is $80. Get your Apple service and mac repair diagnosis for free.

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List of Apple Service and Mac Repair items:

Apple Service #1: Tuneup Mac

If your Apple Mac, Macbook or imac is running slow, has pop-ups, slow internet and a host of similar problems, we can provide an Apple service that will clean up system, optimize the hard drive, update all the drivers, update OS to latest revision, delete cache and temp files, and uninstall unnecessary startup programs. Typical time to complete is 5 hrs.

Macs, because they are usually not turned off (most people just sleep a MAC) there may be many garbage files that accumulate over the years. Part of the Mac repair is to clean up whatever we find that is out of the ordinary. This service is good for imac, macbook, macbook air and macbook pro from 1995 onwards.

Apple Service #2: Upgrades for Macs, iMacs, Macbooks

Mac hardware is very long life, so upgrades to extend the performance and life are popular. The two most popular Apple services are ram upgrade and Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrades. Both of these upgrades may extend the life of the IMac or Macbook several years.

Another popular upgrade is updating the OS to the latest, to run the latest Chrome and Firefox, Itunes and Photos.

Apple Service #3: OS Installation

Another Apple service Compuboost provides is Operating System install for Macs, imacs and Macbooks. We can update to the latest Mac OS install, and move all your data over to the new installation. Mac OS include Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

Operating system installation service include loading all appropriate updates and drivers. If there are minor issues, we will do a Mac repair as well, and cover the time and cost with the upgrade. We can also assist in moving over Email and programs, and setting up desktop.

Files transfer to New Mac service

We provide data transfer service from one mac to another, either an existing Mac or a new Mac. Generally, for a transfer to be successful, the target Mac should have a OS newer or the same as the donor Mac.

The new OS is installed on a formatted drive that is different from older drive, then the files are copied from old drive to a folder on new OS in new drive. This is commonly used on new system, or failed hardware on old drive. If there are minor issues, we will do a Mac repair as well, and cover the time and cost with the service. This Apple service is common when replacing the original Mac hard drive with a faster SSD (solid state drive)

Apple Service #4: Mac Malware Removal Service

What is a virus versus Malware?.

Virus Clean and Malware Removal

Virus in the computer world are programs or codes that a malicious user tries to load (hack) onto a victims computer. Malware is a more recent development. It is perfectly running code, that has been changed to do something unexpected or undesired by the victim. For example, a famous old virus was the ILoveYou virus, which when activated, began overwriting the victims files, one by one.

Macs are generally immune to most PC type virus. The reason is simple. Mac OS is derived from a Unix type of operating system and is similar to Linux. Basically, it is a closed operating system, meaning programs are not supposed to change the core, called the kernel, program. Think of the Operating system like a Christmas tree, and programs are added and removed like ornaments on a tree, without affecting the tree itself. Hence it is fairly difficult to infect a Mac.

The PC environment is different. At the time, Bill Gates and his cohorts at Microsoft purposed wrote a “open” style of operating system. Not open like the code is readily available, but open in the sense the “kernel” was constantly changing. Every program, driver or other software modified the kernel itself, and a complex thing called the “registry” kept track of all the changes.

Rather than like a Christmas tree, the operating system was more like minestrone soup, where it was a blend of anything and everything, and virtually impossible to separate out individual functions. The reason Microsoft did it this way was to prevent competitors from copying successfully the operating system functions.

At one time, IBM tried to do this, with a Windows look alike called OS2. It failed because Windows even then was so convoluted that that OS2 could not reliably replicate its operation. After spending billions of dollars and thousands, if not millions of man hours in this effort, OS2 could not run Windows programs reliably enough that IBM gave up. Given no other company had near the resources IBM had, and since the IBM failure, no other company dared tried to create a Windows look-alike OS. Thus, Microsoft was successful in dominating the Windows environment.

At the time, virus were spread through floppy disks, and the internet was through 300 baud dial up modems, and very slow. An “open” kernel did not seem like a bad tradeoff for eliminating global competition once and for all). However, as the internet became more popular, hackers quickly learned that they can modify Windows with just small pieces of code, through the internet. Hence the virus plagues on Windows began, and has been a major problem ever since.

Fortunately for Mac users, having the benefit of a closed kernel meant for the most part Macs are spared from most viruses. Now that is not to say that Macs are 100% immune, they are not. But the effort to infect a Mac is an order of magnitude greater than on a PC, and since PC outnumber Macs 100 to 1, why spend all that effort to infect Macs with a fraction of that effort can infect vastly more PC’s.

Recently, there has been “pseudo” type attacks on Macs, that make it look like they have PC-like infections, like changing the home page, and renaming directories, but generally these are straightforwared to clean. Recently, Apple has not been as rigorous as before in making sure programs do not affect the kernel, so this is a potential increasing problem.

Removing Malware

Removing Malware is difficult. Since from the computers point of view, it is just another program, only humans can know if what the malware does is beneficial or not. In fact, many malware that is the curse of one user may actually be something another user may want. For example, a program that pops up the temperature of the city may be desireable to one person, but may be extremely annoying to another.

Since malware are programs normally written by professionals, and not by high school hackers anymore, they are much more difficult to remove if written that way. Most malware is related to forced advertising via pop-ups and redirections. Usually they have several entry points, many backup attacks, and are extremely well disguised.

Just running tools by anti virus and malware writers are usually not enough. We use manual intervention, looking for things or items slightly out of place, to ferret out malware and their hidden triggers. These items may be on the desktop, in user files, hidden system files, even oddities like slight color difference or names. Many malware looks and acts just like the real thing (for example Chromium versus Chrome) so it takes an experienced eye to find them all.

Apple Service #5 Mac Data Recovery Service

Cboost data recovery

We offer data recovery services locally for all but the most damaged systems. There is typically no charge if no data is recovered.

Level 1 Files not readable:

We can recover files with the following symptoms.

  • Hard drive has been accidentally formatted.
  • Files accidentally erased.
  • File corruption.

Level 2 Hard drive corruptions.

This is most common when an upgrade to the Operating system is somehow aborted midway. This may be quite plausible because usually the OS upgrade is many gigabytes large, and sometimes the unit is inadvertently shut off or suspended because the user is not aware it takes such a long time.

Level 3 Hard drive intermittent, bad blocks and data corruption.

Hard drives can self correct, that is use spare data blocks to automatically replace data blocks it detects as failure. However, sometimes the process is not perfect, and data corruption may arise. If the corruption involves system files, then the system may not boot.

Level 4 Hard drive (bad blocks, control board issues)

In this scenario. The data corruption is more serious, and sometimes intervention like control board replacement, long reconstruction, temperature de-stress techniques (heating or cooling the drive) is needed to recover the data.

Level 5 Dead Motor, Bad heads

Require Clean Room Disassembly. This is the most serious. We need to send the drive out to a clean room to have it disassembled and scanned. Nominal handling charges may be required, just to send it out.

Recently, in order to make the macbook and imac thinner and thinner, Apple has gone to using SSd and custom form factors. To provide the proper Apple service we have all the adapters needed to read these custom drives. We can copy the drives to new drives, backup old drives and upgrade to larger hard drives.

Apple Service #6 Mac or iMac Hardware

We perform all kinds of mac repair. Spills is a common repair. We can repair most water and liquid spills. This includes removing the on/off button, replacing the keyboard, or more extensive repair like replacing the motherboard

Another common mac repair is cracked glass or display. We can replace almost any display, cable and hinge that may need repair. We only replace the bad part, so all mac repairs are kept at the lowest cost. Finally, all mac repairs is fully guaranteed. If requested, all replaced parts are returned. There may be exceptions to this for certain motherboards, which may require trade in.

We also replace batteries on Macbook and Macbook Airs and Pros. On older model macs, it is not possible to replace with Apple product (it is not made anymore) so we have to use high quality aftermarket batteries. However, they are all fully guaranteed.

Finally, a common problem with both iMacs and Macbooks is they overheat, damaging the video chips. Because Apple uses variable speed fans, which spin up fast only when hot, their chips run much closer to chip manufacturers absolute specs when hot. Apple does this to maintain low noise during regular operation. and relies on their engineering prowess to accurate forecast maximum safe operating condition.

However, in real world usage, fans clog, airways are clogged, and various other random factors may cause overheating. In addition, some of the graphics chips use a technology called BGA or Ball Grid Array, where the contacts are hundreds of little balls soldered under the chip. Under repeated heating and cooling, the balls may fracture, causing the chip to fail. Failure of the cooling system (clogged fans, or blocked passages) accelerate this failure mechanism. This causes the display to fail outright, or to have artifacts during operation.

We can fix problems related to graphics display error. It involves either repairing the BGA, replacing the BGA chip, or replacing the logic board itself.

Apple Service #7: iPhone iPad Repair

We can repair the glass, screen, bezel of iPhones, ipads, Macbooks and Macbook Airs and Macbook pro machines.

We also can replace batteries, and physical issues like broken bezels, missing rubber feet, bad chargers

Used Mac computer

We do carry a small selection of Used Macs, Imacs, tablets and phones. Please check for pricing and availability. These macs may be both late model as well as vintage early models. Some customers prefer an older model because it runs certain software they want.

All units are fully reconditioned (except for vintage units, which may have certain wear and traits retained). Warranty is provided for all units, and exchange privileges so that if you decide you need a different Mac or Macbook, you can trade up for it.

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