Computer Repair Dana Point

Computer Repair Dana Point

Founded in 1992, we have serviced over 300,000 computers to date. We fix hardware and software problems. We also perform computer upgrades, like upgrading Hard Drives and Ram and updating the OS to the latest from Apple and Microsoft.

Computer Repair Dana Point – Hardware

We fix video problems, bad hard drives, sound problems, internet problems. For laptos, common problems are water spill, cracked screen, broken power jacks, bad batteries, unable to charge, broken hinges. For desktops, clogged fans, bad power supplies, bad motherboard, bad CD rom and bad hard disks. For the latter, we offer data recovery for both Apples and PCs.

Computer Repair Dana Point- Software

We also fix software like Windows Upgrade, virus removal and various glitches and blue screens. These may include slow computer, blue screen of death BSOD, perpetual spinning wheel, boot loop (system starts to boot, shuts down, then starts again). Other symptoms are Mouse freezing, random freezing, random reboots, system hangs, unable to run updates.

Computer Service Dana Point -All Brands

All brands are covered, from home built white boxes to Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, Alienware, Acer, Samsung and others. We also fix vintage computers like Emachines, Packard Bell, Gateway, IBM and others. And if unit is hopeless to repair, we offer used and new computers, and data transfer services to retrieve you data.