Computer Problems and Symptoms

Are you suffering from computer problems? Does your need computer repair?

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  • Dead, No power
  • Shuts off by itself
  • Boot Loop (boots –>shuts off –>boots –> shuts off over and over)
  • Slow Internet
  • Network issues
  • Printer issues
  • Malware infection or virus infection
  • Computer too old
  • Computer too slow
  • Mouse freezes
  • Water Spill (laptop)
  • Dropped (laptop)
  • Overheating
  • Clinking or other noise
  • Excessive Fan noise
  • no sound
  • keyboard doesn’t work (laptops)
  • Artifacts (blocks or lines) on screen (laptops)
  • Blue screen of death (PC computers and laptops)
  • White or Grey screen (Mac and iMacs)

Computer Repair Service

We service all brands of computers and phones. Since 1992, Compuboost has serviced over 250,000 units and have thousands of satisfied customers in this area.

Mention you saw us on the internet and get free computer diagnosis ($80 value)

  • PC computer repair
  • Laptop and Notebook computer Repair
  • Tablet computer Repair
  • All in one Computer Repair
  • Apple Macbook and iMac repair
  • iPhone and Android phone screen repair
  • Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux Operating Systems
  • All brands, like Dell, HP, ASUS, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, Gateway, Compaq, Apple

Computer Upgrade

Extend the life of your computer. Save hundreds of dollars over buying new machines by upgrading critical parts that bottleneck your performance.

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  • Hard Drive Upgrades (larger drives to 8 TB)
  • Faster Hard Drive to Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Ram Upgrades
  • CPU upgrades
  • Case upgrades
  • Sound card Video Upgrade
  • Wireless Module Upgrade
  • Video card upgrades

Data Recovery:

No cost if not recovered. Free computer diagnostic and estimate. Levels 1 through 4 are done in house. Level 5 requires send out to specialist (nominal fees and commitment to recovery required)

  • Level 1: Data deleted, accidental format, accidental move
  • Level 2: Slight damage. Drive reporting imminent failure but still readable.
  • Level 3: Moderate damage. Drive is failing, but most data can still be read.
  • Level 4: Serious damage. Typically control board or head clicking. Drive is failing, but some data can be read.
  • Level 5: Catastrophic damage. Typically drive dead. Requires Clean room disassembly for recovery.

Other Computer Services:

  • Copy Data from old to new
  • Backup System setup to cloud or external hard drive
  • Setup new System

Free Computer Diagnosis

Mentions you saw us on the internet and get free diagnosis ($80 value)

New and Used PC’s

We also carry new PCs and a good selection of Used PC’s when its finally time to retire your old computer.

New PCs

  • Gaming PC
  • Standard PC
  • Special PC

Used PC:

For Used Computers, we carry specific models for people with special requirements

  • Vintage PC for people wanting specific model to run older software
  • Less expensive PC for 2nd PC, Den, Motorhome, etc.
  • Simpler PC or Mac for Kid, Grand parents, guest room, etc.
  • Short time period: only need it for short time, cheaper to buy used than rent new pc.
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