Apple Repair Service

Compuboost offers Apple Repair Service for Mac, Macbooks, iMacs that is out of repair. That is, after the warranty period, or for out of warranty damage like spills or drops.

Apple Models

  • Mac, Lisa, iMac, PowerMac, Power Pro Desktop Computers
  • iBook, PowerBook Vintage Mac Notebooks
  • Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air Mac Notebooks
  • iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Monitors, Apple Accessories

Internet Special: Free Diagnosis

Print out and Bring In To Store

We have an internet special for free diagnosis. Normal diagnosis charges is $80. Get your Apple diagnosed for free.

Common Apple Repair Service for Macs:

Apple Service #1: Tuneup Mac

Mac Slow? Crashes?

Clean up system, optimize the hard drive, update all the drivers, update OS to latest revision, delete cache and temp files, and uninstall unnecessary startup programs. Typical time to complete is 5 hrs.

Apple Service #2: Upgrades for Macs, iMacs, Macbooks

Mac Slow? Running out of Space?

  • Upgrade Hard drive to SSD, or Larger Drive, or Both
  • Upgrade Ram
  • Upgrade OS to latest version

Apple Service #3: New System Setup

  • Transfer complete Profile (so new Apple looks just like old)
  • Transfer Data Only
  • Transfer Emails

Apple Service #4: Mac Malware Removal

Mouse Freeze? Popups, excessive notifications? Safari not working? Home page hijacked? System slow?

Remove Malware, Virus, Phishing Hacks, Browser Redirection, Email Lockouts

Apple Service #5 Data Recovery Service

We offer data recovery services locally for all but the most damaged systems. There is typically no charge if no data is recovered.

We can recover files with the following symptoms.

  • Hard drive has been accidentally formatted.
  • Files accidentally erased.
  • Intermittent bootup
  • System error “unable to read drive”, “i/o error”, “file corrupt”
  • Grey screen of death
  • System Locks up

Apple Service #6 Mac or iMac Hardware

Desktops Problems:

  • No power or bad power supply
  • No Video or ideo artifacts (blocks or lines), bad video card
  • Shuts down warming up, noisy fans, System Hangs, Overheating
  • Bad Ram, CPU or Motherboard
  • Bad HD or CD ROM

Laptops Problems:

  • Spills, bad keyboard, bad motherboard
  • Cant Charge Battery, swollen battery, bad AC adapter
  • Drops: Cracked screen, bent case, broken hinges, dead
  • RAM, CPU or Motherboard Bad
  • HD bad

Apple Service #7: iPhone iPad Repair

We can repair the glass, screen, bezel of iPhones, ipads, Macbooks and Macbook Airs and Macbook pro machines.

We also can replace batteries, and physical issues like broken bezels, missing rubber feet, bad chargers

Used Mac computer

All units are fully reconditioned (except for vintage units, which may have certain wear and traits retained). Selections vary.

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