We specialize in custom gaming PC.

Custom gaming PC usually has a very large full size case, a overclockable motherboard, overclockable Ram, overclockable CPU, High end Video card. Other accessories may be a gaming keyboard, VR device, gaming mouse, Gaming Headset and microphone.

Gaming Computers

What is Overclocking?

All computers execute commands synchronously, meaning there is a clock that regulates when commands are executed. Basically a command is executed every clock cycle. CPUs are typically rated by the frequency of the clock. If a clock is faster, the computer is faster. So overclocking involves clocking the CPU faster than the manufacturer recommends.

Now doesn’t this violate the warranty and cause problems? Yes and no. Technically the manufacturer does not guarantee performance at the higher clock rate, but resourceful users over the years notice that in order to provide years of troublefree service, and in order to meet specifications over all temperature requirements (from cold to hot) the manufacturer is very conservative in their clock speed.

Resourceful users began to speed up the clock (overclock) the system until it failed, then backed off slightly and the system would run fine. Originally they did it by changing crystals and all kind of complex things. But with the gaming community getting large enough manufactures now make boards to make the overclocking easy. Basically you overclock until it stops working, then back off. Users can get as much as 100% improvement on performance.

Overclocking to computers is like hot rodding a car. You do not have to do it, but serious gamers have that capability.

Gaming Computer vs Workstations:

Basically, they use similarly priced points, but with different purposes. Because they are fast, there is always some crossover– you can play games easily with a workstation, and a gaming PC will do design work on a workstation, but to get the best of each world, you do need to tailor the hardware to each purpose.

Gamer PC needs powerful video cards, first and foremost. Since most of the computation is video based, the biggest budget allotment should be towards the video card. We recommend allocating 50% of the budget to the video card, then fit everything else to the rest of the budget, in this order: CPU, Ram, Hard Drive, Motherboard, Power supply, Case.

Workstations also need powerful video cards. But since many engineering and graphics programs are also CPU related, a higher proportion of the budget needs to be allocated to the CPU. We recommend 35% to the video card, 35% to the CPU/Ram combination, the rest in this order, Hard Drive, Motherboard, Power Supply, Case.


A workstation has specific components that make it run certain programs faster. For graphics designers like Adobe Photoshop, Drafting programs like Autocad, Video programs like AAvid, Engineering programs like ProCad or CAS3D, the hardware to run these big complex programs is very specific. CPUs are typically Xeon processors, and video cards like Nvidia Quadro. Motherboards are not overclocked, for stability reasons, so to improve performance, multiple CPU cores and huge memory support is used. Some workstations can support Ram sizes as large as a Terabyte, and high core count CPU. Rather than just quad core CPU, some Xeon CPU have as many as dozens of cores.


We use MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS overclockable motherboards for gaming PCs., and Intel and Supermicro boards for workstations. For workstations, overclocking is undesired–the ability to support large CPUs and address huge amounts of memory is paramount.

Video Cards

AMD and Nvidia are the two brands most commonly used for gaming, and Nvida for Workstations.


AMD Ryzen R7-2700Xand Intel i7-9700K or i9-9900K are most commonly used for High end Gaming computers, and the Intel Xeon for workstations. AMD does have a 32 core CPU, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX, so it can double as a workstation CPU as well. It compares will to big Xeons like the Intel Xeon E7-8990 with 24 Cores.

These are the high end cpus. There are many cost effective CPUs as well and Compuboost will build you one with the maximum hardware at your budget price point.


Overclockable ram is used for gaming machines (typically with heat sinks) because the higher the clock, the more power dissapation.

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