Fast, In house Data Recovery Mission Viejo

We provide fast, in house data recovery Mission Viejo services. We fix PCs, desktops, Laptops, Macs, Macbooks, DVD and CD discs, Flash drives. We perform data recovery Mission Viejo from standard rotational drives as well as solid state drives (SSD)

No fee if unable to Recover

Normally if we are unable to recover, there is no charge (free). Just bring your failed machine, or loose drive, and we will check with our state of art hardware and software systems to see if your drive is recoverable.

There is no fee for this. If the drive is recoverable, most of the drive is done in house. We recover the drive, and then show you if that is the data you want. If it is then we will recover it to new drive, a drive you supply, or a new system of your choice.

If we are not able to recover the drive in house (only 5% of the cases) we can send it out to a clean room specialist, for data recovery. However, in this case, we will charge a nominal shipping and handling fee, typically $10-$25, and you must commit to pay the full recovery charge if the drive is recoverable. If not recoverable, then again, there is no fee (except for the handling charge).

Local Data Recovery Mission Viejo

We perform most of the data recovery Mission Viejo in house (about 95%) so your drive normally never leaves our facility. We have three dedicated data recovery machines, and software that can recover old style DOS, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP systems and drives. We can of course also recover newer drives and operation systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

We also can recover Mac systems, with dedicated stations to recover all Mac OS from Jaguar all the way to Mojave. We do both 32 bit and 64 bit data recovery Mission Viejo.

Finally, we also have specialized hardware that allows us to read the latest SSD drives, especially in custom form factors, like M.2, MicroUSB and MicroSata.

Internet Special for Data Recovery Mission Viejo

Free Diagnostic

Please clip the coupon for free diagnosis on your computer. If it is found to be drive related and you need a recovery, please note there is no fee if the data is not recovered!

Hard Drive and Computer Symptoms

If your system is acting up, here are some of the symptoms.

  • Unable to read drive. The computer gives an unable to read error during boot or during running.
  • Clicking Sound. Sometimes the system wont boot and has a clicking sound. This means the drive heads cannot find the data and sweeping from one end of its travel to the other, providing a “click” as it hits the end stop. The click does not get faster or slower, just clicks.
  • Blue screen of Death. The famous Microsoft BSOD (blue screen of death) is a catchall routine in Windows any version, when the system has an unfixible error and just hangs. For Mac systems, a similar failure is the “Grey screen of Death”. Similar to the BSOD for PC’s the error will freeze the system.
  • Can not boot. After restart the system posts an error and can not boot.
  • Boot Loop (System tries to boot and restarts, over and over)
  • Virus attack. Messages abound that you are locked unless giving over money to the attacker. Giving money is a gamble, because it can still be locked even after payment.
  • Accidental format. Self explanatory
  • Accidental deletion. Self Explanatory

How Data Recovery Works

If the drive can power on, and the heads move, we can do a high number of data recoveries in house. We have a number of disk recovery stations that will look at the drive externally. So we do not need to boot up the drive. Then using sophisticated software the disk is scanned and the drive reconstructed. Depending on the failure, one type of software may be better than another, so we use about six different types of software.

Data Recovery Mission Viejo Level 1

Success rate: near 100%

Drive can be read, but with accidental deletion or format. This recovery is done in house, and takes 24-48 hours There is no charge (free) if the data cannot be recovered.

Another situation is if the motherboard dies, and the computer can not be started. We can usually still read the drive and transfer the contents to a new hard drive or to a new unit.

Data Recovery Mission Viejo Level 2

Success Rate: over 95%

Drive can be read, but corrupted. This recovery is done in house, and is caused by bad windows update, turning machine off when drive is working, virus attack. Recovery time is usually 24 hours to several days. There is no charge (free) if the data cannot be recovered.

Data Recovery Mission Viejo Level 3

Success Rate: over 90%

Drive can not be read, bad blocks and data corruption. This is the most common failure. It can be done in house, but data reconstruction time is 24 hours to one week. There is no charge (free) if the data cannot be recovered.

Data Recovery Mission Viejo Level 4

Success Rate: over 90%

Drive intermittent. Sometimes can be read. Generally it is a combination of head misalignment, and data corruption. Recovery can be done in house, but data reconstruction time is from 48 hours to one week. There is no charge (free) if the data can not be recovered.

Data Recovery Mission Viejo Level 5

Success Rate: over 90%

Drive can not be read. No power, Motor, or clicking hard drives. This is the most severe damage, and requires logic board replacement or motor replacement. It may also require a clean room for disassembly, so we do have to send it out to a clean room occasionally. The cost is high because of this and lead times are 48 hrs to one week. Because we have to send out, there is a nominal shipping charge to do so.

Hard drive Brands Covered

We repair the following brands of computer and hard drives: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Western Digital , Samsung, Maxtor, IBM, Seagate. Data recovery is possible on all brands.

Solid State and Flash Drives

Solid State and Flash Drives pose a different problem than regular rotational drives. Where as hard drive failure is normally a mix of physical problems (scratched platter, offset read/write disk heads) and software problems (data corruption, random software glitches)

Solid state drives failures and the ubiquitous USB flash drive failures, are primarily software side. If it is a hardware problem, unfortunately data recovery Mission Viejo may not be possible. One of the failure modes of solid state devices is blank out drive (meaning writing zeros) across the data. For rotational drives, this is difficult, as a zero must be written across the whole drive. This takes time and so if the error is caught right away, damage may be limited to only the areas overwritten and data recovery can proceed to the rest of the unit.

However, with solid state and flash drives, it is possible to instantly write zeros to the entire drive. If this happens, the data is irretrievably lost.

Other Services Provided

Computer Service

We have been servicing computers for over 25 years, with over 250,000 units and thousands of customers in our area.

Computer Repair Mission Viejo
New Custom PCs

New Computers

We build new computers, both low cost or high powered. We also build special machines like kiosk machines, POS (point of sales) as well as gaming, engineering workstations, bitcoin mining rigs and servers.

Electronic waste

Electronic Recycling

Electronic waste is working or non working. We take almost anything with a cord or powered by batteries

  • Computers, Printers, Laptops, Notebooks, Routers, UPS (with or without batteries
  • Digital Cameras, Cell phones, Office phones, Surveillance equipment
  • Stereo Receivers, DVD and CD players, Amplifiers, Speakers
  • Small electrical power tools: cord and cordless, drills, cords
  • Wiring, Cables, Parts
  • Powered toys
  • Small Electrical appliances: Ovens, Microwave, Desktop Refrigerators

We DO NOT take the following:

  • Flourescent Tubes or Bulbs
  • Common Batteries: Size A, AA, AAA, C, D, watch batteries, coin batteries, hearing aid batteries

Electric Bike Mission Viejo

With our knowledge of motor controllers, we have begun to sell special custom Electric bikes for the general public. More vehicle than bicycle, it is a great way to travel, be green, save money on gas, and have fun as well.

Premium Electric Bikes