Our Fat Tire Electric Bike is the biggest, baddest Bike you can buy.

Compuboost M007 Fat Tire Electric Bike is long, large, powerful, with features found nowhere else.

The M007 fat tire electric bike “Super Duty” is a big bike. With a long 52″ wheelbase, 440 lb capacity frame, 4″ fat tire “Big Foot Tires”, high riding stance it is as exhilarating to ride as imposing to look at. It is a do anything, go anywhere fat tire electric bike, from beach to snow, street to mountain, paved or unpaved roads. It is also especially suited for professional services, such security, patrol, ranger, both governmental and non-government.

  M003 Mountain M005 Street M007 Fat Tire F008 Low Rider
School Good Good Good Best
College Good Best Good Good
Town Runabout Good Best Good Best
Commute Good Best Good Good
Mountain Trail Best   Best  
Sand     Best  
Snow     Best  
Police Patrol/ Park Ranger Good   Best  

Here is a comparison of Compuboost Ebike performance, all measured with easy cadence pedaling. Boost level 1-5 corresponds to motor power level 20% to 100%, so boost level 1 is 20% motor power, boost level 3 is 60% motor power, boost level 5 is 100% motor power.

Our bikes are great performers. We are leaders in torque, top speed, endurance and range. These figures are real life performance. All performance numbers assume pedaling at easy cadence.

Street /Road
Low Rider
Drive System 48V 48V 48V 36V
Motor (Continuous Duty) 500W 350W 500W 250W
Lithium Battery 14AH 14AH 14AH 10AH
Hill climbing (5% grade) Boost level 3* 17mph14mph 16mph12mph
Max speed flat road,
Boost level 5*
30+ mph28 mph 30+ mph22 mph
Endurance Boost level 3*2 hrs 2+ hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs
Range 30mi-40mi40mi-60mi30mi- 40mi25mi-30mi
Recharge Time half/full 3.5/7 hrs3.5/7 hrs 3.5/7 hrs 2.5/5 hrs
Bike Weight 53 lbs 51 lbs 63  lbs 48 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs330 lbs 440 lbs 250 lbs

*Boost level 1-5 corresponds to 1=20%, 2=40%, 3=60%, 4=80%, 5=100% of full power, selectable by onboard computer

A large 48V Lithium battery pack supplying energy to a powerful integrated hub motor that develops nearly two kilowatt of power and massive torque at the rear wheel. Riders are launched to a top speed over 30mph with a twist of the throttle.

With massive five Spoke magnesium alloy wheels cladded with CST (one of worlds largest tire manufacturer) Bigfoot (BFT) 4″ wide tires, sand, snow, mountain, road, street are no problem.

Stopping power is provided by disc brakes front and rear, with optional front rotor sizes as large as 203mm.

Here is a list of its most important features of the M007 Fat tire electric bike.

  • Folding Aircraft Aluminum Cantilever Frame
  • 48V Drive System, 30+mph
  • Lithium Battery 14AH
  • Up to 30-40mi Range
  • 440 lb capacity
  • 4” All Terrain (Bigfoot) Fat Tires
  • 26” 5-Spoke Magesium Wheels
  • Full Front and Rear Suspension
  • Shimano Derailleur
  • All Alloy construction
  • 1 yr 6,000 mi Warranty
  • 2 yr 12,000mi Drive Train Warranty
  • In Stock Colors: Sterling Silver, Dust Gold, Olive Green, Coal Black, Fire Red

The M007, like all of Compuboost bikes, folds. Taking only seconds to fold and unfold, it is storable in most cars trunks and almost all SUVs, without need for specialized carriers and hitch mounts. Great for boats, yachts and RVs, since it can be stored and then ready to ride with no adjustments after unfolding at destination.

No Adjustments, 60 seconds from folded to ride.

In addition to being able to be folded, there are no adjustments need after unfolding, so it can be ridden immediately. For a common fat tire electric bike application, like a police or ranger bike, it means it can be folded in the back of a jeep or squad car, then unfolded and ridden in less than 60 seconds to pursue suspects or ride to terrain unreachable by car.

The Compuboost Advantage: Its the Folding Frame

Compuboost folding design starts with the frame. Made of aircraft grade aluminum 6061 alloy, and skillfully welded from large cross-section rectangle tubing and solid billets, it is the core of the folding design. Add to that the pedals and handle bars fold, for a compact design.

Yet it is strong and tough enough for all the environments the most severe uses, like the fat tire electric bike series M007, for police, ranger and beach and snow rescue.

: Single Tube Box Cantilever design with High weight limits. The single tube design gives the largest cross-section, which makes it ideal for electric bikes because it can hold the largest battery.

Lightweight: Example: M005 (Z-frame) only 3.9KG (8.6 lbs) with latch and head inserts.

Large Hidden Battery Compartment:

  • Hidden battery and controller compartments for clean beautiful appearance.
  • Large Cross section Size Holds big battery
  • Safety: Battery box completely enclosed by frame to protect against Lithium battery fires

Fine craftsmanship:

  • High Quality Hand Welded construction
  • Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum Tubes and Billets
  • Powder coated automotive style paint
  • Clear coat
  • High Quality Full Length Welds

Extend Range to 100 Miles

Another advantage of your single tube cantilever frame is that we sell an accessory saddle for the fat tire electric bike that straddles the tube and holds two extra batteries, extending the range of the electric bike to over 100 miles. Great for forest patrol, or deep camping where you need to make sure you have the range to get back. We also have another accessory, a 100W solar charger, so that you can actually fully charge the battery in the field.