The M005 is the ideal folding Electric Street Bike

Compuboost M005 is a full size, all alloy construction, 26″ wheel folding electric street bike. It is optimized for long range, low maintenance, durable, reliable, economic all weather transportation over paved and unpaved streets and roads.

With bright, bold automotive style paint and clear coat, this ebike is the latest in styling and function. The M005, along with the smaller F008, are Compuboost offerings for everyday street and road riding. The M005 street bike, nicknamed “Z E-Bike” because of the Z shaped frame, is nearly perfect for the college student.

Folding Electric Street Bike Perfect for the college student

This folding electric street bike has a very long range, 40-60mi with one charge, good for several days, if not the entire week. Powerful, torquey motor makes riding to and from class or running errands to town, over hills or flat terrain, effortless. Optional luggage racks makes carrying books or groceries easy. High output front light and smart rear lights, plus waterproof electricals make all weather, day or night travel safe and convenient.

Plus the bike folds into the size of a baby stroller, so it can easily brought into the dorm or lab after riding, safe from vandalism or theft. 

M005 26′ Street EBike
M005 26″ Ebike Folded

Besides completely folded, the Compuboost E-bikes can also be partially folded, with pedals and handlebars folded only, so that it is a slim 12″ to 14″ wide.

M003 Black Normal
M003 Partially Folded to Slim

Folding Electric Street Bike makes Perfect Commuter Bike

The M005 folding electric street bike makes for a great commuter bike. With its long range, and foldable ability, it is more flexible than most bikes for commute. Folding and unfolding takes less than 60 secs in most cases. 

  • If your commute is short, within 20 mi, the M005 can make the commute to and fro directly.
  • If you commute greater than 20 mi, you can ride to the destination. Charge it there, then ride back (extra chargers available for purchase).
  • If your commute involves public transportation, that is easy too. Just ride to the bus or train, fold up the bicycle, unfold at your bus or train stop and ride to your final destination.

The M005 folding electric street bike has a hardtail (meaning no suspension at the rear), so standard luggage and pannier racks fit perfectly. Plus its large 330lb capacity makes carrying books or groceries no effect on the ride. Rides are comfortable, with its street-tuned front suspension, big 2.1″ all terrain tires, and leather covered gel seat. The M005 also has as standard equipment a versatile powered cell phone holder with USB jack. It can hold a GPS, or cell phone. And since it is powered by the mains battery, it can actually charge the phone as you ride. Many customers find this a very handy feature.

As the M005 is fully customizable, we offer various handlebar and seat accessories, to adjust the angles, height and position of the handlebars and seats.

Folding Electric Street Bike Important Features:

  • 40 to 60 mile range, with easy cadence pedaling. One charge good for several days, if not all week.
  • Folds in half, so easy to take back to apartment or dorm. Or fold just pedals and handlebars, for a slim 12″ width that won’t block hallways.
  • Powerful 48V 350W continuous duty 3-Phase Motor with Hall Effect -Pedal sensor plus throttle control -Advanced computer control, 5 levels of assist (0-100%)
  • Beautiful and Stylish: Deep car-style paint with clear coat  with sleek lines and high quality construction and workmanship.
  • Low Maintenance: Magnesium alloy wheels never need adjustment. No rust all alloy aluminum, magnesium or titanium construction.
  • Comfortable: Front suspension cushions shock, leather gel foam seat with ventilation slot.
  • Safety: Powerful Disc brakes front and rear, Chainwheel chainguard, powerful headlight
  • Reliable: World famous Shimano 9 speed derailleur, all components designed for electrical bike
  • Strong: Rated 330 lbs capacity, with aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame, solid aluminum billet construction and full length hand welds
  • Convenient: Cell Phone Holder with USB jack, powers up phone while riding!
  • Useful: Because of its solid rear dropout (hard tail in bike terms) it accepts all standard bicycle racks and carriers.

Folding Electric Street Bike Available Accessories:

Because of the hard tail Z frame, the M005 folding electric street bike takes most standard racks and accessories

  • Mudguards. Front and rear Mudguards
  • Rear Light: A computerized light (turns itself on when in motion), with rechargeable battery via USB cable. Fully charged the rear light is good for approximately 8 hrs or more.
  • Quick Release Folding Handlebar: Fold handlebars in two twists, rather than a small tool.
  • Shock Absorber seat post. For those really bumper commutes.
  • Front basket. Holds small things, including a small pet.
  • Rear luggage/pannier rack. Holds lots of books or groceries.
  • Frame Saddle/Spare battery holder. Saddle fits over frame, with pockets to hold water, knick-knacks, or spare batteries.
  • Spare battery. Provides emergency power or extra range.
  • Spare smart charger. Have one at work to extend commute range.

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