Electric Bike Aliso Viejo

Electric Bike Aliso Viejo 5th Generation Features:

We supply the best available electric bikes Aliso Viejo. They are 5th generation, State of the Art Electric bikes, to navigate the many small hills and valleys in Aliso Viejo. These electric bikes straighten out the hills and makes riding like going downhill all the time. Truly “no sweat biking” that makes riding fun and effortless.

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But if you like more exercise, just dial back the motor boost, and you can exert as much effort as you like. If you haven’t biked in a while because going uphill and sweating up a storm or risking a heart attack just wasn’t worth it, our electric bikes is the answer.

  • All Aircraft Alloy construction
  • Folding Design: Convenient to carry and stow
  • Largest, Most powerful Battery Available
  • High Torque Motor Design
  • Throttle control and pedal assist control
  • Low maintenance Design: Mag Wheels, Disc Brakes, All Alloy
  • Best Warranty: 1 Yr, 6000 mile General Warranty, and 2 Yr 12,000 mile Warranty on Power Train
  • Competitively Priced
  • Instant Qualifying Financing

Electric Bikes Aliso Viejo: Four Models

We carry four types of electric bikes. They all fold, so are easy to carry. They are:

  • Street/Road Folding Electric Bike Aliso Viejo. Our classic folding bike, in a hard tail Aluminum alloy “Z” frame, that makes the perfect street electric bike. Tuned for long distance (up to 60 miles) this bike is ultra low maintenance, with Magnesium Wheels, all alloy construction, gel foam saddle, and powerful disc brakes. Available in a number of automotive style paint colors, they are as beautiful as they are efficient and practical. Included is a Battery powered cell phone holder, so you can actually charge your phone while you ride.
  • Compact Low Rider Folding Electric Bike Aliso Viejo. A smaller version of our street bike, with smaller wheels and a lower straddle height. A smaller motor makes the bike less intimidating than our full size bikes, and the overall riding stance and smaller size makes it easier to balance and ride. A favorite of young adults, older riders, and women, who prefer a gentler, more easy to ride bicycle.
  • Folding Mountain Electric Bike Aliso Viejo. These full suspension, powerful bikes have a 500W Motor that develops over 2000W peak to climb any hill effortlessly. With practical, easy to replace spoked wheels, they are perfect for trails and off road riding. Careful with the throttle because a full twist and it will try to pop a wheelie. It makes a great street bike too, with gobs of reserve power at your fingertips.
  • Fat Tire Folding Mountain Electric Bike Aliso Viejo. These Super Duty are the baddest bikes available. With a extra long wheelbase, and massive 4″ 26″ BigFoot Tires, they are the ultimate electric bike, a go anywhere, do anything electric bike, from sand beach, to road, to trail to snowy mountain top, all in one trip! Featuring best in class power, ride, build quality and warranty. Riding high and with a long wheelbase, these bikes are intimidating for the novice rider, but for an experienced rider they provide the most exhilarating ride.

Electric Bike Aliso Viejo: Fun For the Whole Family

Electric Bikes help everyone get off their butts and exercise, together or separately. Our four models all come in automotive style custom paint colors, as distictive as each individual’s personality. From bold Fire Red, to understated Olive Green to distinctive Jet Black, to regal Silver and Gold, and his and hers Blue and Pink.

  M003 Mountain M005 Street M007 Fat Tire F008 Low Rider
School Good Good Good Best
College Good Best Good Good
Town Runabout Good Best Good Best
Commute Good Best Good Good
Mountain Trail Best   Best  
Sand     Best  
Snow     Best  
Police Patrol/ Park Ranger Good   Best  

Different sizes and power levels also suit each persons riding skill and ability. From the compact low rider for teen-agers and older riders, or women riders that want an easy to handle bike, to more adventurous riders that like more powerful and quicker response and more thrills.

Our bikes are designed to be built for the everyday rider, yet low maintenance and minimal fuss for the occasional and weekend rider.

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