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We are experts at electric bike repair. We service all kinds of electric bikes. This service includes our own models plus any other brand sold, and home conversions as well.

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Many regular bike shops are not equipped to repair electric bikes. Different tools and techniques are used. Besides normal regular bike service, like replacing brake pads, service bearings, chain replacement, we can provide electric bike specific repairs:

Standard Electric Bike Repair

  • Tire and Tube replacement (electric drive wheel) Many times the electric drive wheel must be taken off the bike to replace the tire and tube. We have the skill and experience to do this electric bike repair.
  • Motor replacement. This electric bike repair is needed when the motor brushes (for DC motor) needs replacement, or bearings need replacement.
  • Wiring harness repair and rebuild. The most common article in this electric bike repair is corrosion of the contacts.
  • Sensor repair and replacement. There are multiple sensors on and electric bike. If they are broken during a crash or spill, they will need replacement.
  • Brake lever motor cut off switch repair and replacement. This is a critical part of the electric bike. Most electric bike repairs involving the brake is a shorted switch, preventing the bike from turning on.
  • Throttle repair and replacement. Most electric bike throttles use a non contact sensor called the hall effect switch. However, even the switch itself is non-contact, the twisting mechanism can wear and the hall effect switch stops working.
  • Motor controller rebuild and replacement. The common motor controller problems is burn out, primarily by running the motor at lower voltages, thereby increasing the current through it. Although there are temperature and safety limits built into every controller, prolonged operation at this condition may lead to a thermal runaway, and destroy the controller.
  • Brake upgrades and replacement. Many brakes designed for regular bikes wear out much faster on an electric conversion, so they have to be part of the electric bike repair service list.

Electric Bike Repair Battery Services

LifePO4 Flat Pack Battery

We also service the most expensive part of the electric bike, the battery. Electric bikes are typically Lead-Acid (like car batteries, but usually in a smaller sealed package). Many owners would like to convert the Lead-Acid to lighter, more powerful Lithium Ion or Lithium Iron-Phosphate Batteries.

Lithium Ion batteries are normally used because they are high in energy density, and are built up of smaller cylindrical cells. For example, most laptop computers, power tool batteries, electric skateboard all use lithium ion. They are even used in cars– the most famous is the Tesla, which may use as many as 77,000 cells wired into a huge battery back.

However, Lithium ion has several important drawbacks. It has limited deep cycle life, meaning it has a limited number of full cycle (charge and discharge cycles) before it start to loose maximum charge capacity. This number is typically 300-800 cycles. Thus, for example, after a year of full charge and discharge cycles (365 cycles), the battery may have only 80% of its maximum capacity.

Lithium ion is also a fire hazard. The materials used in the battery will burn, without air because it has its own oxygen. Even in an enclosed container, it can slowly smoulder for hours and then when the container is opened to air, burst into flame when it is exposed to the oxygen in the air. That also makes lithium ion fires hard to put out, because water does not smother the oxygen, only lowers the temperature. Overcharging or shorting out the cell can cause the battery to overheat and ignite.

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries were develop to relieve some of these problems. It does not burn as readily as lithium ion, so is inherently safer. It has more deep discharge cycles, closer to 2000 or more cycles, before it starts to loose maximum capacity. It is also easier to build into weird shapes and larger sizes, so most cars and large batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate. However, it has lower energy density, so it is only about 80% as powerful, size for size, than lithium ion.

The deep discharge degradation can be reduced to a great extent by not charging to maximum and not discharging too deeply. Thus, if the battery is held to between 40% to 90% state of charge, it will last very long without degradation. Of course, on a long trip, the battery may be deep discharged, but if those cases are kept to a minimum (ie charging whenever possible), the battery life can be prolonged.

  • Battery Conversion: Lead Acid to Lithium Ion. This will reduce the weight of the bike by nearly half, with nearly double the power.
  • Battery Rebuild: Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Iron-Phosphate (Lifepo) Batteries. We can rebuild battery backs, either adding more cells for a larger pack, or replacing bad cells in an existing pack.

Electric Bike conversion

  • Electric Bike conversion
  • Electric Trike conversion
  • Tandem Bike conversion