The M003 Folding Electric Mountain bike.

Compuboost M003 is a full size, all alloy construction, 26″ wheel folding electric mountain bike. It is optimized for all weather mountain climbing. With our highest power to weight ratio, it makes climbing steep hills like riding downhill. Rugged and durable, it makes for a great street bike as well, with a full suspension for comfort, a leather covered gel seat, reliable and dependable all alloy construction and the finest parts and worksmanship.

M003 Folding Mountain Bike

With bright, bold automotive style paint and clear coat, this folding electric mountain bike is the latest in styling and function, too. It looks as good as the ride. The M003, along with the larger M007, are Compuboost offerings for mountain biking. With full suspension, all terrain tires, tremendous power, “wheelie popping” torque with just a twist of the throttle, it will bring excitement and exhilaration with every ride.

Folding Electric Mountain Bike: Tame every Trail

Why rear hub motor is preferred electric bike drive method.

Our Folding Electric mountain bike is optimized for hill climbing power. Like all Computboost electric bikes, it uses integrated hub motors at the rear wheel. Hub motors provide the best “torque” as the power is applied directly to the rear wheel. There is no intervening gears or drive train components, like mid motors bikes. Front motors e-bikes also have good torque, but they are hard to steer because of the front wheel traction, but also the center of gravity is too far front (because of the motor). Rear hub motors are best for mountain bikes.

Compuboost Electric bikes with the cantilever frame, has a good center of gravity because the battery (heaviest component of the bike) is centrally located to provide best balance.

High output front light and smart rear lights, plus waterproof electricals make all weather, day or night travel safe and convenient.

Folding Makes it easy to get to the Mountain

Electric bikes are more difficult to transport than regular bikes. The reason is the weight and size. Normal strap on carriers to the rear of cars that hang a lighter bike will not work with an E-bike because the added weight may damage the car or bike or both. Ebikes need either a pickup truck or a cradle style hitch carrier. Unfortunately, hitch carriers usually add 3-4 feet to the length of the vehicle, making many too long to fit in a garage, so the carrier has to be removed when not being used, and installed when needed.

Compuboost electric folding mountain bikes have no such problem. Easily folded and unfolded in seconds, the folded bike can be stashed in the back of even small compact car trunks. An SUV can easily carry a pair of ebikes, with passengers, to get to any trailhead with no problem.

M003 26″ Mountain Ebike
M003 Ebike Folded

Besides completely folded, the Compuboost E-bikes can also be partially folded, with pedals and handlebars folded only, so that it is a slim 12″ to 14″ wide.

M003 Black Normal
M003 Partially Folded to Slim

Perfect General Purpose Bike

The M003 folding electric mountain bike is also a versatile, general purpose bike. With its long range, and foldable ability, it can go over streets as well as mountains. It makes a great bike for college, university, or street.

  • If your trip is short, within 15-20 mi, the M003 can make the commute to and fro directly.
  • Commute greater than 30 mi, you can ride to the destination. Charge it there, then ride back (extra chargers available for purchase).
  • If your commute involves public transportation, that is easy too. Just ride to the bus or train, fold up the bicycle, unfold at your bus or train stop and ride to your final destination.

Important Features of Folding Electric Mountain Bike

  • 30-40 mile range, with easy cadence pedaling. One charge good for several days, if not all week.
  • Folds in half, so easy to carry and store. Or fold just pedals and handlebars, for a slim 12″ width that won’t block hallways.
  • Powerful 48V 500W continuous duty 3-Phase Motor with Hall Effect -Pedal sensor plus throttle control -Advanced computer control, 5 levels of assist (0-100%)
  • Beautiful and Stylish: Deep car-style paint with clear coat  with sleek lines and high quality construction and workmanship.
  • Double walled spoked wheels: allow riding over rough terrain without fear of damaging expensive mag wheels. Much cheaper and easier to replace a broken spoke rather than a cracked mag wheel.
  • No rust all alloy aluminum, magnesium or titanium construction.
  • Comfortable: Full suspension front and back, leather gel foam seat with ventilation slot.
  • Safety: Powerful Disc brakes front and rear, Chainwheel chainguard, powerful headlight
  • Reliable: World famous Shimano 9 speed derailleur, all components designed for electrical bike
  • Strong: Rated 330 lbs capacity, with aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame, solid aluminum billet construction and full length hand welds

Available Accessories for Folding Electric Mountain Bike

The M003 Folding electric Mountain bike takes many accessories.

  • Mudguards. Front and rear Mudguards
  • Rear Light: A computerized light (turns itself on when in motion), with rechargeable battery via USB cable. Fully charged the rear light is good for approximately 8 hrs or more.
  • Quick Release Folding Handlebar: Fold handlebars in two twists, rather than a small tool.
  • Front basket. Holds small things, including a small pet.
  • Frame Saddle/Spare battery holder. Saddle fits over frame, with pockets to hold water, knick-knacks, or spare batteries.
  • Spare battery. Provides emergency power or extra range.
  • Spare smart charger. Have one at work to extend commute range.

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