electronic recycling Laguna Woods

Electronic Waste Recycling Laguna Woods

Electronic waste Recycling Laguna Woods

Compuboost , as a service to our customers and community, we do take various electronic waste Laguna Woods for recycling. There is a small fee per item for non salvageable items, so please call. The electronic waste (ewaste) is generally separated into salvageable and non-salvageable categories. Call if you have questions prior to drop off to avoid wasted trips and unexpected fees.

Salvageable Ewaste Recycling Laguna Woods (generally no fees)

  • Working unlocked phones and tablets (must have “find my phone”/tablet turned off)
  • Working TV sets, Flat screen 32″ or bigger
  • Working laptops only (sorry, desktop PC’s have no value, even if working)
  • Some items not listed above may have salvageable value, please check with attendent.

Unsalvageable Ewaste Laguna Woods (fees apply)

Unsalvageable (there is a fee for each item, from $1 to $20 depending on size and weight) We do not make money from fees, it is just to defray some ewaste costs. Fees are for sorting, storage and arranging our aggregators to pick up items.

  • Locked or damaged phones and tablets
  • Any damaged and non working items
  • non-working Laptops
  • non-working Large Flat screens (32″ or greater)
  • TVs, Tube CRT or rear projection TV working or not
  • TVs Flat screen 32″ and smaller, working or not
  • Monitors, any size working or not
  • Telephone systems, working or not
  • Desktop PCs, working or not
  • Printers, working or not
  • Most stereo equipment, working or not
  • Wires, loose items or components
  • Anything else electronic or electric like toys, power tools, small appliances
  • Rechargeable batteries that are part of a laptop, UPS, power tool or toy

Hard drives are normally destroyed along with the unit. If you want drives formatted before destruction the cost is $10 per drive. If you want traceable destruction (required for HIPAA and some legal offices) the charge is $30 per drive.


  • Household batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, hearing aid)
  • Bottles and Cans
  • Paper Products, or boxes (please remove all items from box)
  • Packing material (please dispose of before bringing item)
  • Rubbish (partially crushed or destroyed electronics, with broken glass or smashed or drilled parts that present sharp edge safety hazards)
  • Fluorescent Tubes or Bulbs
  • LED tubes or bulbs

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