Compuboost offers a convenient drop off point for Electronic recycling Laguna Niguel. Electronic waste, also known as Ewaste, can be working or non working. We take almost anything with a power cord or powered by batteries

Items we take for Electronic Recycling Laguna Niguel

  • Computers, Printers, Laptops, Notebooks, Routers, UPS (with or without batteries
  • Digital Cameras, Cell phones, Office phones, Surveillance equipment
  • Stereo Receivers, DVD and CD players, Amplifiers, Speakers
  • Small electrical power tools: cord and cordless, drills, cords
  • Wiring, Cables, Parts
  • Powered toys
  • Small Electrical appliances: Ovens, Microwave, Desktop Refrigerators

We DO NOT take the following:

  • Flourescent Tubes or Bulbs
  • Common Batteries: Size A, AA, AAA, C, D, watch batteries, coin batteries, hearing aid batteries
  • Large appliances

Compuboost Electronic Recycling Laguna Niguel Center

Compuboost, founded in 1992 to service computers, always had electronic waste, primarily from people that abandoned repairing their electronics (like computer, printers, etc) because it was too expensive to repair, relative to getting a new computer or printer.

As the amount of computers began to rise as fewer and fewer people repaired cheap systems, our recycle collector suggested we collect all electronic waste as a public service. Thus in 2012 we began to collect for free for our community, such as electronic recycling Laguna Niguel.

How Electronic Recycling Laguna Niguel Works

Previously all the electronic waste is crushed and chipped in huge enclosed machines to plastic and metal pellets, then sold. We collect electronic recycling Laguna Niguel, sort, accumulate, then call crushers that will take the items and then crush into pellets for resale. China used to buy almost all United States electronic waste, but in 2018 they reduced it, and in 2019 they stopped. They require all electronic waste to be sorted to +99.4% purity, which is terribly labor intensive.

This means what crushers that used to pay for the scrap, (depending on the scrap) will no longer come if they have to pay for it, since they have no ready outlet for the pellets, or they just sit on the bulk scrap until buyers can be lined up. Just the opposite, most now require payment to haul the Ewaste away. Electronic Recycling Laguna Niguel is running into the same rising costs that other cities and communities have found.

Internet Coupons for Electronic Recycling Laguna Niguel:

First 100lbs Free or $25 Off

To help encourage electronic waste recycling and responsible treatment to our environmet, we offer this internet coupons. Please print or show on your smart phone to get the discount.

Rising Costs of Electronic Recycling Laguna Niguel

So now it is far more difficult to recycle electronic waste as fewer companies want to deal with it. Because of the environmental hassles, much of ewaste is now simply stored, without knowing what to do with it. Electronic waste is illegal to put in landfill, yet too expensive to sort, so is piling high in empty lots, like a scene from the movie Wall-e.

This has added costs, up and down the electronic waste industry, so we need to charge for some of the items now. At a minimum our expenses on electronic waste Laguna Niguel includes sorting, handling and storing the waste for pickup. Even though it is not a break even proposition, we are still doing it as a community service. It is surprising how many people are offended when we ask for a few dollars to defray our costs, as if they were doing us a favor for us taking their Electronic Waste!

What things have Residual Value?

People are surprised that many things they bring in for electronic recycling Laguna Niguel for disposal they think have value because they paid huge amounts long ago. But now those items has zero or negative value (it costs money to get rid of it!). For example, old computers and TVs, stereos, etc have little or no value. If they have problems (like mechanical or electrical issues) then they have nearly zero value and even negative value, because the cost of repair far exceeds what it is worth, not to mention sourcing decades old parts and the time it takes to repair and test.

The only items that have some residual value (and even these are dropping quickly) are smartphones that are unlocked, and working laptops. Some other things may have value, but the trouble of refitting it, and then finding a buyer is usually not worth the trouble.

It is sad for us to see many good items go to the crushers because of this. We try our best to find good homes and recycle for the next person what we can, but the majority of items, working or not, is headed to the crushers. The worst offenders are printers, old computers, and old stereos. Other offenders are compact microwave ovens, small electric appliances (like fans) and small power tools.

Nominal Fees for Electronic Recycling Laguna Niguel.

To help defray our costs, we have two types of fees. By item, where each item is charged a fee, or a set charge for a set weight. Otherwise the charge is by poundage. Most of our fees are very small, and are simply there to help defray much of the storage, sorting costs of handling electronic waste.

  • Collection Fee By Item (less than 20 lbs)
  • Collection Fee by Item (more than 20 lbs)
  • Collection Fee for 100 lb

Other Services besides Electronic recycling Laguna Niguel

We also do other things besides just collecting ewaste. We are a full service computer center, as well as Ebike service and sales center.