HP repair Mission Viejo

HP Repair Mission Viejo

HP Repair Mission Viejo (HP Service Mission Viejo)

Compuboost provides expert out of warranty HP repair Mission Viejo for HP Pavilion, Elite, Envy, Omen, Specter, and Servers. We repair notebooks, laptops, Desktops, All in ones (AIO), and Servers. We also do many upgrades, extending the life of your HP device many more years.

Mission Viejo HP service

HP Service Mission Viejo – Software Problems:

We repair boot problems, upgrade problems, blue screens of death, forever spinning hourglass and other common software issues. We reload operating systems, transfer data for replacement drives as well as new computers. We also reset up things like email, user accounts and user profiles.

We also clean computer of virus and remove malware. This includes email and website based attacks. We can clean systems that are either running or because of the virus unable to boot. We perform tuneup, disk optimization and also provide certified disk cleaning and wiping.

HP Repair Mission Viejo – Hardware Problems:

For desktop hardware issues, we fix overheating, cracked screens, power supply, CD/DVD Rom problems, sound problems, wifi or network problems, RAM or CPU problems. For notebooks and laptops, we fix bad charger or batteries, water spill, overheating, bad screens, broken screens or glass, wifi issues and keyboard issues.

We also do many performance upgrades, like increasing RAM, increasing HD space, upgrading HD from rotational to SSD, upgrade video card and adding hardware like CD-roms or DVD Roms.

Data Recovery

We also perform data recovery, and generally there is no fee if there is no recovery. We can do most data recovery in house, and give you an estimate prior to work.

Finally, if unit is not repairable, we have used and lightly used pre owned computers. See our reviews on Yelp and other forums.

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