Founded in 1991, Compuboost leverages it long experience in servicing computers to build small and large custom new computers Aliso Viejo. These include simple, cost effective PC’s all the way to the most sophisticated rack mount server and workstations or high end gaming super computers. Call or visit us to discuss your needs and we will find a fast, cost effective custom new computer Aliso Viejo solution for you.

New Computer Aliso Viejo

We are authorized resellers for Lenovo Computers. We can supply standard laptops, desktops, notebooks, tablets and AIO (all in one) computers from Lenovo.

We also build custom new computer Aliso Viejo. These include POS (point of sales), data entry pcs and tablets, and specialized computers for machine control (for 3D printing, CNC machines, medical equipment), Bitcoin Mining. We can supply any needed component, interface and help with physical installation and setup of your custom new computer Aliso Viejo.

  • Simple POS system Optimized for size, durability, low maintenance
  • Data Entry PCs and Tablets: Optimized for price
  • Machine control/Kiosk PC: Optimized for size, compatibility, durability.
  • Virtual Currency, eg Bitcoin Mining PC: Optimized single purpose machine
  • Gaming PC: Optimized for gaming applications
  • Workstations: Optimized for Engineering and Design Applications
  • Small File Servers: Optimized for Cost and Durability
  • Large Data Center Servers: Optimized for Speed and Performance

Internet Coupon

Clip the following internet specials, or show us on your smartphone. You can get a free diagnostic on your old machine, and money off coupon if you decide to buy a new computer Aliso Viejo.

Custom New Computers Aliso Viejo: Powerful Workstations

Custom Workstations

We can build very high end workstation new computers Aliso Viejo. Optimized to run engineering, design, photography, or video editing programs, these computers are used by engineers, architechs, photographers, professional illustrators, CAD CAM, drone cartography operators and wedding photography businesses.

  • Large Data Storage Arrays; upto 128TB solid state arrays
  • 1TB Ram
  • Dual i9 or Xeon CPU, with each CPU upto 26 processor cores
  • Gaming Notebook Aliso Viejo
  • 4K and 8K display and display arrays.

Most custom workstation computers are based on the Nvidia Quadro Video card, for applications like Engineering, using Solid Works, Auto Cad, Sketch up and other design tools. Also graphics and video design, using the latest software from Adobe, AAvid and others.

The requirements for workstations is different from gaming machines, although both are fast and sometimes one can be used in place of the other. But an engineering or graphics workstation is optimized to run engineering or design software, not games, so although the base hardware is the same, the algorithm or software to run the cards are different. Accuracy is different too.

Gaming cards emphasize real-time graphics, in displaying virtual worlds and fast respond to shooting games, explosions, movement etc. Design software, however, emphasize accuracy and speed in rendering, redraw and regeneration of changes. An inaccurate rendering of a blade of grass in a game is insignificant. In inaccurate rendering of a bolt in a building, however, may lead to disaster, so the workstation level graphics is a whole different requirement.

Other requirements are needed in video editing and ultra high resolution photo editing. Here, CPU requirements may dominate, because rendering, image transformation and other video functions require huge CPU requirements. Multi cores help because the large operation can be broken up to many smaller operations and run concurrently. Compuboost can help you specify the right system to meet your requirement yet still within budget.

For the portable custom computer Aliso Viejo, we are authorized MSI resellers for their workstation line, which are among the most powerful laptops in the world. Although not nearly as powerful as desktop counterparts, sometimes the ability to carry high computing power in the field (to show customers, instant analysis) is a mandatory requirement.

Custom New Computers Aliso Viejo: Gaming Rigs

Quad Video Gaming PC

We build custom computers Aliso Viejo for gaming. These include custom super powerful gaming PC with Intel Core i9, NVidia GTX, RTX, Quadro and AMD Ryzen processors and video. We carry a full line of compact and Full Tower gaming chassis, with power supplies that vary from 500W upto 1500W to power multiple video cards and CPUs

  • Nvidia GTX, RTX and Quadro Cards
  • Intel Multicore CPU i7, i9, Xeon Processors
  • DDR4 and DDR5 RAM
  • SSD Drives, Msata and regular to 2TB
  • Rotational (normal drives) to 8TB each spindle
  • Soundblaster Card
  • 4K and 8K gaming monitors (fast refresh)
  • Water Cooling
  • Overclocking Motherboards: ASUS, MSI GIGABYTE, Intel
  • DVD players
  • Gaming Keyboard and Mice
  • VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets

Portable Custom New Computer Aliso Viejo: Gaming Notebooks

Custom MSI Gaming Laptop

We carry the MSI line of gaming notebooks as our notebook custom computer Aliso Viejo. Even in a portable notebook format, MSI has multi video card configurations that make the mobile gaming PC almast as fast as the fastest Desktop, but with carry around convenience.

Gaming laptops and notebooks have becoming popular recently. Aside from only the most strenuous game, notebooks have evolved where they can almost match desktops. In reality, they are portable desktops, because they draw so much power, both by the graphics card, CPU and video that battery life is generally poor. However, gaming laptops are portable, so a person can carry his gaming platform everywhere he goes and enjoy his game. Call us with our requirements for a notebook custom new computer Aliso Viejo for us to give you the best performance for your budge.

How to specify a gaming computer

To specify a gaming computer, first specify the budget you are willing to spend. Allocate 45% to the video card, 15% to the CPU, 10% to RAM, 10% for hard drive, and the balance to the motherboard, case and power supply and accessories. The video card should be the most important part of the system, since it does most of the work, like 70%-90% of the work. For gaming systems, polygon draw, shading fill, and other graphics functions are critical.

As for CPU, any late generation multi core (dual, quad, hex, etc) is generally sufficient, since the heavy lifting is usually offloaded to the video card. For RAM, as long as there is enough to run the game, like 16GB, adding more will generally not improve performance.

For Hard drive, SSD helps load games faster, but beyond that, more space or larger drives will not improve performance.

An separate sound card and network card is helpful to offload those functions from the CPU, but with todays multicore CPUs, the improvement is generally not significant.

Fast internet is essential, and the best is solution is normally a cable. If using a wireless, use a router and hub that is setup for gaming.

Single or Multiple Video Cards

The choice of single vs. multiple card is complex. Is it better to get two cheaper video cards, and wire them together via SLI for Nvidia or a single higher, but more expensive card? Actually, it matter little. Two lower performing cards, like the Nvidia 1080 wired SLI will be very fast, and realistically compare well against a single Nvidia 2080 RTX.

Once a game reaches smooth player, having it be even smoother becomes a moot point, other than just for bragging rights.

Overclock or Not

Every part has a manufacturers specification. A list of parameters the manufacturer guarantees the part can operate with. For example, a CPU can be guaranteed to safely run at 3 Ghz from operating temperatures from -25 deg C to 150 dec C, with a certain size heatsink attached. Now in reality, to meet the guarantee, the part is made to run faster. Just like a car rated to pull 1000 lbs can probably pull much more weight.

Overclocking is an attempt to run a CPU or RAM faster than the specified. This way, performance can be improved without having to buy a more expensive part.

Now, manufacturers are not stupid, if a part can reliably run faster, they would mark it as such as thus sell it at a higher price. The fact is is rated at a certain speed means limitations come into effect at the higher speed. The key to overclocking is to increase the speed, but not to the point where the limitations come to effect.

Special motherboards specifically designed to overclock CPUs and RAM are used for gamers, because now by just overclocking, they can increase performance without having to spend a huge amount for a faster CPU. Sometimes overclocking requires larger heat sinks, as the CPU will dissipate more heat. That is way gamers choose liquid cooling, because that allows them to overclock without burning up the CPU.

Other Special Custom New Computers Aliso Viejo

Another popular application is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining, using both generalized hardware as well as specially prepared hardware.

We also sell high resolution display arrays, as well as customized displays for kiosks, industrial dirty environments and other specialized requirements.

Custom New Computers Aliso Viejo: Servers

We also build Servers, both standard tower as well as rack mount servers. Our servers are more cost effective than those from Dell and HP or Lenovo, because we supply only what you specify, and do not force you to take costly additional features in addition to your specification.

We make simple custom computer Aliso Viejo servers, optimized for price and simplicity. But we can also build more complex servers, both stand alone and rack mount for data centers, large servers and small and medium businesses.

Other Services:

Compuboost does other services as well.