Apple Repair Ladera Ranch

Apple repair Ladera Ranch -General Apple Service Ladera Ranch

We repair many out of warranty hardware issues, like for laptops macbooks and macbook pros, and iphones and ipads, cracked glass, water spill, drop damage, battery replacement and more.

We also repair overheating, video problems, and miscellaneous hard drive problems, including data corruption. We do perform data recovery.

We also do upgrades, replacing hard drives to SSD (solid state drive) for faster speed, or larger drives to increase capacity. We also commonly add more RAM, and update the OS to more currently running. We can fix vintage Apples as well.

Apple Repair Ladera Ranch- Software

We also work on a host of software issues, like virus infection, backup issues, OS upgrade issues, Kernel panic, mouse freezing, wont boot up and random shutdowns.

Apple repair Ladera Ranch

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