Electronic Waste Recycling Orange County

Ewaste Recycling Orange County

As a service to our customers, we do take various electronic wastes for recycling. There is a small fee per item for non salvageable items, so please call or ask. The waste is generally separated into salvageable and non-salvageable.

Free Salvageable Electronic Ewaste Recycling Orange County

Free if following conditions met:

  • Must be Orange County Resident
  • Unlocked phones and tablets (must have find my phone/tablet turned off)
  • Working TV sets
  • Working laptops (sorry, PC’s have no value, even if working)

Unsalvageable Electronic Waste Recycling Orange County:

Unsalvageable (there is a fee for each item, from $1 to $20 depending on size and weight) Fees are for storage and to arrange our aggregators to pick up items for further separation and eventual crushing.

  • Must be Orange County Resident
  • Locked or damaged phones and tablets, TVs, Laptops
  • Damaged and non working items
  • Desktop PCs and Printers, working or not
  • Most stereo equipment, working or not
  • Wires, loose items or components
  • Anything else electronic or electric like toys, tools, appliances

Hard drives are normally destroyed. If you want drives formatted before destruction the cost is $10. If you want traceable destruction (required for HIPAA and some legal offices) the charge is $30 per drive.


  • Household batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, hearing aid)
  • Bottles and Cans
  • Paper Products, or boxes (please remove all items from box)
  • Rubbish (partially crushed or destroyed electronics, with broken glass or smashed or drilled parts)–too hazardous for us.
  • Fluorescent Tubes or Bulbs

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