Data Recovery Orange County

Data Recovery all Brands, all Types

Since 1992, we have performed Data Recovery Orange County. We can perform data recovery on Hard drives, Flash disks, USB drives and Solid state drives. We service all brands, like Seagate, WD, Apple, HP, Dell etc.

Data Recovery Orange County
Data Recovery Orange County

Data Recovery Orange County Free Diagnostic

No charge until recovery, in most cases. Most repairs are done locally in house, so you get the fastest response possible. Please come in to try to recover you important data and a free scan of your device.

We perform level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 recovery for damaged drives.

Level 1; No physical or logical damage. Files lost or missing files. Data recoverable.

Level 2: No physical damage, but logical damage like deleted files, viral infection, accidental format or fdisk. Data most likely recoverable.

Level 3: Minor physical damage like bad blocks accompanied by moderate to severe logical damage. Data most likely recoverable.

Level 4: Severe physical damage, like clicking heads, dead motor with low or no logical damage. Data is normally recoverable by removing platters and scanning separately. Sometimes we use donor drive parts from obsolete machines to rebuild and access drives.

Level 5: Catastrophic damage, accompanied by severe logical damage. Data may or may not be recoverable.

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