Computer Repair Laguna Beach

Computer Repair Laguna Beach

We have been serving the Laguna Beach community since 1992. Over 300,000 units serviced. We offer comprehensive computer repair Laguna Beach.

Computer Service Laguna Beach – Problems Solved

We fix hardware problems like bad hard drive, bad video card, ram, or CPU. For laptops we fix water spills, drop damage to casings, broken hinges, broken power jack, non charging battery, bad battery, bad motherboard and bad keyboards. We also fix software problems like Windows update, corruption, virus and malware infections. We also fix a large number of bad hard drives, and perform data recovery if necessary to bring your data back. We also do upgrades, primarily RAM and HD to SSD drives, to give you greater speed without spending much. We also upgrade Apple OS to latest, and Microsoft Windows OS to latest.

We service all brands, like white box home brews to Dell, HP, Apple and Lenovo and many others like Sony, Toshiba, Alienware, Asus, ROG, Acer, Samsung. We also fix vintage computers from Packard Bell, IBM, Gateway, People PC, Commodore.

Computer Repair Laguna Beach – New and Used

And if the unit is beyond repair, we sell used and new machines. We are authorized Lenovo and MSI sellers, with Lenovo laptops and desktops, and MSI workstations and gaming laptops. We can also build full on custom machines, both simple and cheap to expensive ultra high end gaming rigs. Please call for information.

Laguna Beach laptop service