Computer Repair Lake Forest

Computer Repair Lake Forest

Since 1992 we have been doing computer repair in Lake Forest, with up to 300,000 units serviced in the Orange county area. Hardware, Software, New PCs, and now ewaste and electric bicycle.

Computer Service Lake Forest – all brands

We service all brands, like Dell, Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, Apple, Lenovo We fix problems like infected machines, data recovery, internet problems

Hardware problems like bad motherboard, bad power supplies, dead Hard drives, water spills, broken hinges, drop damage, non charging battery, bad batteries. And software problems like windows upgrade crashes, malware and virus attacks, and general windows lockup and mouse freezes. For dead hard drives we offer data recovery to save your data. Computer Repair Lake Forest is very price competitive and plus we give you great service.

Computer Repair Lake Forest – Used and New Computers

And if computer is unrepairable, we have used and new pcs and can transfer the data for a small fee. We are authorized resellers of Lenovo Desktops and Laptops, and MSI workstations and gaming laptops. We can also build a custom PC for your, from simple low cost bare bones machines for machine control and kiosks, to full blown expensive gaming rigs using the latest in Video from Nvidia or AMD and the latest CPU from Intel. Call for estimates. We are very price competitive and can give expert advice on your custom system.