Computer Repair San Juan Capistrano

Computer Repair San Juan Capistrano

Serving the community, we offer computer repair service for San Juan Capistrano. We clean virus, upgrade windows, install software. We also replace hard drives, graphics cards and RAM and CPUs. We service laptops, notebooks, desktops, all-in ones, customs and home built machines.

Computer Service San Juan Capistrano – Data recovery

We do data recovery as well for all brands and types of drives, like flash drives, external drives Raid and Server drives, too. We use inhouse technicians that can solve most problems quickly and cheaply.

Computer Repair San Juan Capistrano — when it gets too costly

And if the cost of fixing the computer is too great, we can build a new one at reasonable cost. Apples, Dells, iMacs, Macbooks, HP, Lenovo, Asus and a host of other brands.

Since 1992 we have serviced over 300.000 units in our community. We also now branch out ewaste and electric bikes.