Compuboost was founded in 1992 as a computer service and sales store. Since then we have serviced over 250,000 pcs in the southern Orange County area. Services include general computer service, data recovery and virus removal.

Compuboost services all brands of computers, popular major brands like Dell, HP, and Apple, and lesser known names as well, like Asus, Samsung and Sony.

List of Computer Services:

Virus and Malware Removal

What is a virus versus Malware?.

Virus in the computer world are programs or codes that a malicious user tries to load (hack) onto a victims computer. Malware is a more recent development. It is perfectly running code, that has been changed to do something unexpected or undesired by the victim. For example, a famous old virus was the ILoveYou virus, which when activated, began overwriting the victims files, one by one.

As antivirus became prevalent, and simple virus no longer could penetrate computers (because there code is know, since they are actual programs), hackers had to evolve. The hackers changed too, whereas originally there were many smart, but amateur people doing the hacking. professionals soon took over.

Removing Malware

Removing Malware is difficult. Since it is written by professionals, and not high school hackers anymore, they usually have several entry points, many backup attacks, and are extremely well disguised

Just running tools by anti virus and malware writers are usually not enough. We use manual intervention, looking for things or items slightly out of place, to ferret out malware and their hidden triggers. These items may be on the desktop, in user files, hidden system files, even oddities like slight color difference or names. Many malware looks and acts just like the real thing (for example Chromium versus Chrome) so it takes an experienced eye to find them all.

Windows or OS Installation

Compuboost provides Operating System install, either Mac OS or Windows. Windows installation is typically through DVD or USB flash. Todays motherboard use two types of installation. The first is called legacy, and all operating system data is on the drive. The second is called UEFI. This difference is important as the OS serial number (Product code in Windows) is actually embedded in the motherboard itself. This is so that is Windows is reloaded, there is no need to type the Product code, it comes from the motherboard itself. Starting with Windows 8, then Windows 10, this is the prevalent case today.

Operating system installation service include loading all drivers. We can also assist in moving over Email and programs, and setting up desktop.

Files transfer to New system

There are three scenarios for reinstalling a new Operation System (OS, mac or PC)

  • New OS installed on formatted drive that is separate from older drive, files copied from old drive to folder on New OS in new drive. This is commonly used on new system, or failed hardware on old drive.
  • New OS from non-formatted drive, files are moved from old OS to new OS. This is if the old drive is undamaged. This procedure is common in removing virus and malware.
  • Reconstruct Image. Entire drive is imaged, sector by sector. Then system is tuned up and repaired as needed. This method only works if the original drive and windows is undamage. It is most commonly used when increasing the size of a drive, or upgrading from rotational drive to Solid State Drive (SSD)

Tuneup PC or Mac

If your computer is running slow, has pop-ups, slow internet and a host of similar problems, we will clean up system, optimize the hard drive, update all the drivers, update OS to latest revision, delete cache and temp files, and uninstall unnecessary startup programs. Typical time to complete is 5 hrs.

Typical Tuneups take several hours, as many as six.

Data Recovery Service

We offer data recovery services locally for all but the most damaged systems.

Level 1 Files not readable: We can recover files with the following symptoms. Hard drive has been accidentally formatted. Files accidentally erased. File corruption.

Level 2 Hard drive has moderate damage. Hard drive may click, unable to read partition, locks in repair loop.

Level 3 Hard drive severe damage. Hard drive clicks, motor burnt, control board damage.

Service Area: Orange County

We provide computer service South Orange County, and the cities of:

Aliso Viejo

Coto de Caza

Dana Point

Foothill Ranch


Laguna Beach

Laguna Niguel

Laguna Woods

Lake Forest

Rancho Santa Margarita

Mission Viejo

San Clemente

San Juan Capistrano

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