Folding Electric Bike frame

Strong: Single Tube Box Cantilever design with High weight limits

Lightweight: Example: M005 (Z-frame) only 3.9KG (8.6 lbs) with latch and head inserts.

Folding Design:

  • Folds in Half for easy storage and transport
  • Patent Pending positive latch closure mechanism

Large Hidden Battery Compartment:

  • Hidden battery and controller compartments for clean beautiful appearance.
  • Large Cross section Size Holds big battery
  • Safety: Battery box completely enclosed by frame to protect against Lithium battery fires

Fine craftsmanship:

  • High Quality Hand Welded construction
  • Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum Tubes and Billets
  • Powder coated automotive style paint
  • Clear coat

Easy Storage and Transport

  • Can be carried on Cars, Buses, Boats and even checked in on Planes
  • Great 2nd tranportation. Carry folded RV or boat, then unfold at destination and ride away.
  • Folds and unfolds in seconds. Ride away immediately, no adjustment or setup.
  • Can be partially folded. Foot pedals fold down and handlebar sideways so can be stored in hallway without blocking it.

Heres the Compuboost Ebike lineup unfolded and folded:

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